Mobile Communications Tower

3000 Newport Gap Pike
Wilmington, DE 19808
DPH: (302) 995-8400

Mobile Communications Tower

Built : 1996
Purpose: The Mobile Communications Tower is currently in use and is maintained by Verizon.
Directions: Please follow the written directions or the red dots on the map below to the Mobile Communications Tower.

  1. Turn into the main (South) entrance of the Emily Bissell Hospital
    Need directions to the DHSS Emily P. Bissell Hospital Campus?
  2. Proceed up the driveway and bear to the Right (toward the Main Building)
  3. Turn Left at the Main Building
  4. Proceed around the Main Building
  5. Turn Left at the second intersection
  6. Turn Right at the first intersection
  7. The Mobile Communications Tower is ahead to the left
  8. The main entrance is indicated by the red "X" on the map

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