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Delaware Health Statistics Center

Application and Approval Process for Vital Statistics Data Files

The Delaware Health Statistics Center (DHSC) maintains databases and produces statistical reports on vital events in Delaware. If published reports or aggregate data tables will not provide the information needed, record level data files may be requested.

The application process to request record level data varies based on who the requestor is, the type of data (protected, limited access, or public use), and contact with human subjects (see Human Subjects Review Board Guidelines ). Protected, confidential data include personal identifiers such as name, Social Security Number, and full address; limited data do not contain personal identifiers, but they do contain individual specific data such as city, zip code, census tract, elements of dates relegated to a person, and other unique characteristics.

  • To begin the process, select the appropriate response to the question in the application and approval process for vital statistics data files. By answering all of the subsequent questions, you will be directed to the data application appropriate to your needs. Each form contains instructions on how to complete and submit the application.    Please note, this data application process is for vital statistics data only. If you are interested in obtaining other types of health data, please contact the appropriate section directly.
  • To request aggregate data, use the form for public use data files.

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