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CPR Criteria

Certificate of Public Review Statute

As stated in the 16 Del. Code ยง9301,the purpose of the HRB is to assure that there is continued public scrutiny of certain health care developments which could negatively affect the quality of health care or threaten the ability of health care facilities to provide services to the medically indigent. Through the efforts of the HRB, the state focuses on balancing concerns for cost, access, and quality that is in the best interest of Delawareans. In conducting reviews under the HRMP, the HRB must consider seven (7) statutorily mandated criteria:

  1. Relationship of the Proposal to the Health Resources Management Plan;
  2. The Need of the Population for the Proposed Project;
  3. The availability of less costly and/or more effective alternatives to the proposal, including alternatives involving the use of resources located outside the state;
  4. The Relationship of the Proposal to the Existing Health Care Delivery System;
  5. The immediate and long-term viability of the proposal in terms of the applicant's access to financial management and other necessary resources;
  6. The Anticipated Effect on the Proposal on the Costs of and Charges for Health Care;
  7. and The anticipated effect of the proposal on the quality of health care.