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Delaware State Innovation Models (SIM) Initiative

The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) awarded Delaware a "design" grant in February 2013 which funded the development of Delaware's State Health Care Innovation Plan. Stakeholders from across Delaware came together to develop and implement a State Health Care Innovation Plan. Delaware's plan built on innovation occurring across the state to improve the health of Delawareans, improve health care quality and patient experience, and control the growth in health care costs.

The development of the State Health Care Innovation Plan has been catalyzed by the State Innovation Models (SIM) initiative, a federal grant program administered by CMMI. The SIM initiative partnered with states to advance multi-payer health care payment and delivery system reform models. In July 2014, the State applied for a SIM "testing" grant to support the implementation and testing of Delaware's plan.

In February 2015, Delaware was awarded $35 million in federal grant funding under the SIM program which ended January 31, 2019. During those four years, stakeholders from hospitals and health systems, insurance companies, physician practices, and community organizations worked together to improve health care access, quality, and affordability. There were many accomplishments. Key among them were the establishment of health care spending and quality benchmarks, implementation of value-based payment programs, health care practice transformation to improve overall performance, workforce initiatives to bring more talent to our state, and the integration of behavioral health into practice workflow.


Our Guiding Principles
  • Develop a health care transformation strategy that is multi-payer and multi-stakeholder and focuses on achieving the "Triple Aim"
  • Be one of the leading states in innovation and impact
  • Achieve measurable results in three years through practical implementable goals
  • Focus on the best interests of all Delawareans and respect the voice of consumers
  • Have no "sacred cows"
  • Learn and make use of best practice examples from other states and countries where possible.

More Information

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