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Contact Information

Birth to Three Contact Information

Birth to Three Early Intervention System provides leadership in developing policy for and maintaining a comprehensive statewide interagency service delivery system for eligible children and their families in accordance with Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act(IDEA), and is outlined in the Delaware Code

Meet the Birth to Three staff:

  • Susan Campbell, IDEA Part C Coordinator - identifies and represents the interests of the state's infant and toddler early intervention program.,302-255-9137
  • Pam D. Weir, Assistant Part C Coordinator - assists in the development of program policies and, materials for outreach, provides coordination for the State Systemic Improvement Plan, facilitates family involvement across all committees, and coordinates the Interagency Coordinating Council.,302-255-9133
  • Shebra K. Hall, MPA, Training/Education Administrator - provides training opportunities throughout the Birth to Three Early Intervention System, coordinates personnel development, and supports agency messaging through stakeholder partnerships and community engagement., 302-255-9136
  • Vacant, Accountant - works with all aspects of program budget tracking including maintaining budget records and disbursing funds to appropriate contractors. 302-255-9132
  • Robert Bordley, Social Services Administrator - provides technical assistance and support on the Early Intervention System database and on policies and regulations., 302-255-9996
  • Freda D. Collins, Trainer Educator - provides orientation and training to service coordinators to assure program quality and compliance with Part C regulations, and participates in early childhood community engagement activities., 302-255-9139
  • Sue Gamel-McCormick, APRN, PhD - provides clinical knowledge and expertise on child development and early intervention policy, and participates in physician and early learning provider outreach., 302-255-9246
  • Susan Driver, Part C Billing Coordinator - monitors direct service claims, provider rates, provider collections of co-pays and deductibles, enforces TPL inclusion in DMES, conducts analysis and provides reports on direct service claims., 302-255-9142

To contact administrative support staff, call 302-255-9134