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DHSS Management Principles

  • DELAWARE HEALTH & SOCIAL SERVICES believes a supportive environment must exist for customers and employees.
    • This environment fosters mutual respect for all members so that everyone can achieve his/her best. Respect for the individual regardless of age, color, disability, ethnicity, gender, nationality, race, religion and sexual orientation is paramount.
    • We celebrate each individual's value and the diversity among us by recognizing that everyone can contribute in a unique way.
  • Open communication flourishes - formally and informally - for both customers and employees.
    • Practices such as open door policies, active listening, inclusive information sharing, respect for differing opinions and tolerance are the norm.
  • Employees are participants - not bystanders - in their work environment. Their active involvement enhances the quality of service to customers, the productivity of the Department and their own professional and personal development.
    • Staff are included in decision-making within appropriate boundaries and encouraged to identify issues and develop organizational strategies to improve operations in those areas where they are knowledgeable.
    • Taking initiative and exercising creativity are encouraged; calculated risk-taking, within the limits of one's knowledge and sphere of control, is accepted, as long as the safety and well being of clients are protected and the sound reputation of the Department is ensured.
    • Employees' personal and professional growth is enhanced by providing them with learning opportunities that meet their assessed needs.
    • Employees are appreciated for their many contributions. We reward individuals and groups in an appropriate, timely and specific manner.
  • We strive toward continuous improvement of the workplace by employing these essentials: flexibility, responsibility and accountability, respect, trust, and professional courtesy.