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Health Equity - Related Sites and Resources

On June 3, 2015, the Bureau of Health Equity hosted a Health Equity Forum to continue building a coordinated health equity strategy in Delaware. The goal of this meeting was to strengthen our collective capacity by bringing together key stakeholders working to address social determinants of health and health inequities in Delaware.

These partners included:

Please follow the links to view the presentations.

The Health Equity Guide for Public Health Practitioners and Partners is a helpful publication for schools, workplaces, businesses, places of worship, and health care settings. Read more.

Visit the National Conference of State Legislatures to find out more about Health Equity work being done within each state and the legislation in place to support the efforts.

Read the Health Equity Edition of the National Network of Public Health Institutes newsletter. This issue spotlights program updates, national headlines, upcoming meetings, teleconferences, and webinars, as well as funding opportunities.

Visit Dialogue 4 Health, a Public Health Institute website, to learn about health reform; prevention and prevention tools; public health projects; partners in healthcare; statistics; and many useful facts and resources to aid you in achieving health equity.

Health Equity Link is the new, revitalized newsletter for the US Department of Health and Social Services, Office of Minority Health. These issues contain the latest and greatest information on health equity, disparities, and cultural competency. As well, they feature information on upcoming events, health observances, and the newest articles on disease prevention and data.

The following is a list of published articles regarding health equity, healthcare, and policy change. You will find a wealth of information within these publications, as well as additional links for health equity news.

Image representing Delaware Health Equity Action Plans


Delaware Health Equity Action Plans –This category contains action plans that have been developed in and for use by Delaware to improve the outcomes of social determinants of health, which will result in health equity for all residents within the state.


Image representing Defining Health Equity


Defining Health Equity –This category contains articles that will further define health equity, health in all policy, health disparities, and the social determinants of health. It will provide a solid introduction into the development of the health equity initiatives throughout the State of Delaware, the United States, and worldwide.



Image representing Disparities Data


Disparities Data – The following articles pertain to specific data sets for disparities. These data sets compare incidences of heart disease, infant mortality, diabetes, and others among white, black and Hispanic Americans. These data sets are presented in conjunction with other health equity information within annual reports. Delaware specific data will not necessarily be found within these resources. For Delaware specific data, please visit the Health Equity Statistics page.


Image representing Recommendations for Policy and Community


Health Equity Recommendations for Policy and Community Change – Articles found within this category pertain to actions regarding policy change and community initiatives for health equity. Many of these articles are the result of statewide health equity initiatives that have already or are currently taking place. They offer suggestions on different health equity initiatives for organizations, communities and individuals to engage in.


Image representing Social Determinants of Health


Social Determinants of Health – This category has articles that provide an in depth explanation of the social determinants of health. The articles focus on the elements that impact health more prominently than actual medical care.



Image representing Promising Practices


Promising Practices – Articles found within this category are a compilation of promising practices as they relate to different goals within public health, health equity, and health in all policy. These articles are further categorized into sub-groups based on the type of organization represented and/or the social determinant they address.


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