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Eligibility and Enrollment Unit

The Eligibility and Enrollment Unit (EEU) functions as the "gatekeeper" for the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health's (DSAMH) long term care system. DSAMH offers a variety of long term care services ranging from residential treatment programs for individuals with substance abuse disorders to Community Continuum of Care programs. The latter offers intensive community based mental health services and supports that promote the independence and recovery of individuals with severe and persistent mental illness.

Individuals who wish to enroll in a DSAMH long-term care program must apply for services through the Eligibility and Enrollment Unit. The EEU evaluates each individual's need for these services based on a variety of criteria such as diagnosis, their history of mental illness and/or substance abuse, history of previous hospitalizations, and their ability to successfully function independently in the community. When the EEU determines that a person is eligible for long term care services, they will authorize a specific quantity of services and link the eligible person to a community provider

Once linked to a program, the EEU will monitor the services provided to a person, periodically reviewing how well the program is meeting the needs of the individual and determine if the person requires additional services from the long term care provider or could be better served in a less intensive service setting.

Eligibility and Enrollment Unit Procedures

EEU Enrollment Application

Eligibility and Enrollment Unit Procedures