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1901 N. Du Pont Highway- Warehouse
New Castle, DE 19720


Built: 1955
Purpose: The Warehouse is currently being used for storage and is maintained by:
Directions: Please follow the written directions or the red dots on the map below to the Warehouse.

  1. Right from Route 13 South(North duPont Highway) into Delaware Health and Social Services'(DHSS) Herman M. Holloway Campus
  2. Right onto DHSS traffic circle
  3. Right onto Southwest Street (3rd turn or "C" on the map)
  4. Left at second intersection(point "O" on the map)
  5. Left at third intersection(point "H" on the map)
  6. Right at first intersection(point "G" on the map)
  7. The Warehouse is the first building on the right.
  8. The main entrance is indicated by the red "X" on the map.