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Cancer Treatment Program Provides Financial Help For Uninsured Patients

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The cost of treating cancer can be devastating for the uninsured. Delawareans without health insurance often don't get regular mammograms, prostate cancer tests, or colonoscopies. Some say they "don't want to know" because they don't believe there is anything they can do if they're diagnosed with cancer. Now, however, eligible Delaware residents can receive free cancer treatment for up to 2 years.


If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you may be eligible for assistance with covering cancer treatment costs. The program is available to Delaware residents who:

  • Were residents of Delaware when diagnosed with cancer
  • Were diagnosed with cancer on or after July 1, 2004
  • Have no comprehensive health insurance; or whose maximum out-of-pocket expenses are more than 15 percent of income (does not include premiums)
  • Do not receive benefits through the Medicaid breast and  cervical cancer treatment program
  • Meet income guidelines (up to 650 percent of the Federal Poverty Level)*
  • Are not eligible for health insurance


Call 1-844-245-9580 to apply; or go to the Healthy Delaware website for more information and to download an application packet


After you complete your application, follow these steps:

  • Complete, sign, and date the application.
  • Mail it to: Division of Public Health, c/o DXC, P.O. Box 950, Manor Branch, New Castle, DE 19720-0950.
  • Be sure to enclose ALL required documents as stated on page 1 of the application packet


*Please refer to the Federal Poverty Guidelines that match the year in which you are applying to the program. The URL address is:

Additional information about Federal Poverty Level is available on the Division of Social Services web page; use the "Back" arrow on your browser's toolbar to return to this page.