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Delaware Health Statistics Center

The 3M™ All Patient Refined Diagnosis Related Groups (APR-DRGs) Classification System forms a clinically coherent set of patient groups that include adjustments for severity of illness and risk of mortality. The groups (APR-DRGs) are designed to describe the complete cross-section of patients seen in acute care hospitals. This classification system expands the precision of the basic DRG concept by adding four subclasses to each group for both severity of illness (SOI) and risk of mortality (ROM).

  • Number of Discharges by Hospital or System   2001 - 2010 
    (Includes pivot tables by APR-DRGs, by MDC, by Service Line)
    3M’s APR-DRGs software uses diagnostic, procedural, and demographic patient data to classify each discharge in a clinically meaningful category.

  • Top 25 APR-DRGs by Hospital or System    2009   |   2010
    The top 25 APR-DRGs were identified as those with the 25 highest number of discharges.

    Average length of stay (ALOS) is the average number of days per hospitalization for a particular APR-DRG.

    "#" and "$" refer to the number of discharges and the mean charges for each APR-DRG.

  • Severity of Illness & Median Charges by Hospital or System   2009   |   2010
    Severity of Illness (SOI) is classified according to 3M’s APR-DRG system, and is meant as a gauge of the treatment difficulty, need for intervention, and resource utilization. As SOI increases, patient treatment becomes more complex and intensive, which often translates into increased charges.

    "#" and "$" refer to the number of discharges and the median charges for each APR-DRG & SOI combination.

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