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Healthy Workplaces - Employees - Hair and Nail Salons

Worker Hazards in Hair and Nail Salons

Workers in hair and nail salons can be exposed to a variety of hazards during their workday. From the chemicals used in dying hair to the adhesives used in manicures, there are many hazards to be aware of.

Products used regularly in hair and nail salons contain chemicals linked to asthma, cancer, skin irritation and other potential health effects. Know what steps to take to limit or eliminate their risk.

Chemicals in hair and nail salons

Tasks in hair and nail salons that increase health risks:

  • Dyeing or bleaching hair
  • Use of latex products
  • Use of chemicals and products that can cause skin irritation and dermatitis
  • Use methacrylates to apply artificial fingernails

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Preventing Exposure and Lowering Your Risk


  • Review the MSDS Sheets for the chemicals you work with.
  • Know the proper procedures for the equipment you use and Follow Them!


  • Inspect your work area and equipment regularly
  • Make sure ventilation equipment is on and working properly.
  • Report any problems with chemicals or equipment, such as spills or breakdowns, immediately.


  • Wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for each activity.
  • Don't do anything or go anywhere you feel is unsafe.

If you don't see your job on these pages, or have additional questions, contact the Delaware Helpline at 1-800-464-HELP.

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