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Medical Marijuana Physician Information

Physician FAQs

  • Q. Am I required to complete a physician certification for a patient?
    • No. Physicians are not required to complete and sign the certification
  • Q. Am I mandated to sign the certification?
    • Yes. If a physician is willing to complete a physician certification for a patient to use medical marijuana, then you must sign the form.
  • Q. What am I actually certifying?
    • You are certifying that you have completed an in-person patient assessment;
    • The patient DOES have one of the qualifying conditions;
    • That you are licensed to practice in Delaware
  • Q. Do I need any special training or certification to certify patients?
    • Any MD (medical Doctor) or DO (doctor of osteopathy), APRN (Advanced Practice RN), or PA (Physician Assistant) licensed to practice in Delaware is authorized to certify and there is no specific medical marijuana training required by law in order to certify patients for the program.
  • Q. Will the certifications be verified?
    • Yes. The Medical Marijuana Program may contact the physician to verify the certification.
  • Q. Do I keep a medical record of the visit?
    • Yes. You should keep a record of the visit and make it a part of the patient’s medical record.
  • Q. When does the physician certification expire?
    • The physician certification is valid for 90 days from the date you sign the certification. If a patient fails to submit their application within the 90 day window, they will be required to obtain another certification. The patient’s registry ID card is only valid for one year from the time of issue, so they will be required to obtain another certification when they renew.

      If you have further questions or concerns, call the Medical Marijuana Program.
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