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Office of Occupational Health

Employers in private industry throughout Delaware are encouraged to undertake a Workplace Self-Assessment and take steps to improve your workplace. The purpose of this Workplace Assessment is to help employers identify and record any potential exposures to specific hazardous substances and/or carcinogens known to be used in their workplace. Once potential hazards and exposures are identified steps can be taken to improve the health and safety of employees.

There are a few simple steps that can help improve the health and safety of any business:

  • Contact the Office of Occupational Health
    • Speak to staff about strategies to improve health and safety by reducing chemical exposures.
    • Find additional resources to guide you towards a healthier work environment.
  • Complete the Workplace Self-Assessment
    • Knowledge of what's in your environment is a key step in improvement.
    • The Office of Occupational Health can help analyze the results of your assessment and provide recommendations.

Contact the Office of Occupational Health

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