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Decontamination and Packaging Procedures for Transport of Sample Containers to the Lab

Decontamination Solution

  • To make fresh bleach solution, mix:
  • 10 mL of household bleach (5-6% sodium hypochlorite)
  • 90 mL of water

Decontamination Procedure

Immediately following sample collection:

  1. Spray sample jars with the bleach solution
  2. Wipe down the sample jar with an absorbent material
  3. Place container in Zip Bag and apply label and security seal

Prior to leaving Hot Zone:

  1. Spray zip bags with bleach solution
  2. Do NOT dry
  3. Allow disinfection to proceed en route to final decon

Immediately following final decon:

  1. Place sample bag into transport cooler
  2. Confirm samples with collector
  3. Complete sample information forms
  4. Confirms samples with transport person
  5. Complete chain-of-custody forms and seal cooler with security seal
  6. Release sample to transport person
  • NOTE: Containers containing biological samples shall be decontaminated with a freshly made bleach solution prior to leaving the sampling area.

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