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DTRN: Overview

Delaware Treatment and Referral Network (DTRN) is a statewide, comprehensive referral network for behavioral health and substance use disorder treatment.

As participants of the START Initiative, health care providers in Delaware have partnered to support members of our community in need of substance use disorder and behavioral health services. Using a digital referral system to expedite placement for patients, providers can eliminate the need for manual processes while seeking appropriate care. DTRN’s automated system provides an online inventory of services and wait times in order to meet patients’ needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Once available services are identified, referring care teams can electronically transition patients to providers around the state that match the level of care needed. DTRN’s electronic referral process also allows the sending and receiving care teams to coordinate supporting services such as transportation, housing, and employment, making the patient’s transition as smooth as possible.

DTRN shortens referral times now and improves the health of the community in the long term.

For social workers, treatment care administrators, and those responsible for population health improvements in our community, DTRN offers instantaneous, data-driven, personally focused, and clinically sound solutions for getting patients into treatment when they need it. It’s timely, so patients won’t need to anxiously await the answers they need. It’s technically proficient, streamlining referrals to improve patient care at the start. And it’s data-driven, so it’s easy to follow patients in care, identify trends, and measure outcomes.


Details about the DTRN platform.

DTRN is supported by OpenBeds®, which offers a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based platform. OpenBeds is made up of a team of physicians, engineers, and subject-matter experts who share a deep commitment to improving care delivery and quality, as well as providing access to mental health and substance use disorder treatment.

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