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The listing of a person's name on the Registry is based on a civil finding of abuse, neglect, mistreatment, financial exploitation, or a combination of those findings. It is not a criminal finding. Individuals are placed on the Registry for a fixed period of time. When that time runs, the sanction is over and the name is removed. Some individuals are listed more than once for multiple findings stemming from a single incident.

A listing of "Substantiated Pending Appeal" means that the person listed either has filed an appeal to challenge the listing, or still has time in which to do so. Otherwise the listing is "Substantiated," meaning that the listing has been finalized after an appeal, or that no appeal was requested within the time permitted.

See Title 11, Section 8564 of the Delaware Code for more information.

A search return of No registrant was found by the given criteria means that there is no one with the particular name or professional license number listed on the Adult Abuse Registry. Only active listings are reported. Past or expired Adult Abuse Registry listings are not reportable.

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For further information, please call: (302) 421-7400 and inquire about the Adult Abuse Registry.