P.O. Box 559
Delaware City, DE 19706
(302) 836-2550

Governor Bacon Health Center

Established: September 27, 1948
(Est. 1863 as "Ten Gun Battery", an auxiliary site to Fort Delaware, renamed Fort DuPont July 22, 1899, determined for use as Gov. Bacon Health Center on January 30, 1947, Opened as Gov. Bacon Health Center September 27, 1948)
Hours: Business Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Client Service Hours: 24 Hour Facility
Visiting Hours: Please call the facility for current visiting hours
Purpose: The Governor Bacon Health Center (GBHC) is located in Delaware City, Delaware. This 292-acre campus is the center for a 94-bed long term care residential facility which provides intermediate care. Other special programs provided on the campus include, the privately contracted Meadows Program, and the Recovery Center of Delaware, an alcohol and drug rehabilitation program. Co-located at this site are non-Departmental agencies which include: Division of Purchasing; Delaware National Guard; New Castle County Sewer Treatment Plant; and Fort DuPont State Park.
Directions: Driving Directions and Transportation Information to DHSS Governor Bacon Health Center

Center Directions
Please click on the appropriate DHSS building or corresponding name of a DHSS building below for a listing of its divisions/services and for driving directions to the facility.

Security Gatehouse Happy Hall Water Plant OMB Building - Freezer (Bldg. 154) Freezer (Bldg. 54) Building 15A/15B Building 16A/16B Building 46A/46B Building 47A/47B Building 52A/52B Building 53A/53B Paynter Building Administration/Medical Center Tilton Building Pavilion Garage (Bldg. 345) Garage (Bldg. 146) Warehouse/Garage Maintenance Shop Supply Warehouse Carpenter Shop Resident Quarters (Building 122) Building 23 Building 22 Old Guard House Sewer Pumping Plant Old Home Economics Building Building 92A/92B Building 91A/91B Building 90A/90B Chapel Gov. Bacon Campus Map

Directory listing:

  1. Security Gatehouse
  2. Happy Hall
  3. OMB Building
  4. OMB Building
  5. Water Plant
  6. OMB Building
  7. OMB Building - Freezer (Bldg. 154)
  8. OMB Building
  9. OMB Building
  10. Freezer (Bldg. 54)
  11. OMB Building
  12. Building 15A/15B
  13. Building 16A/16B
  14. Building 46A/46B
  15. Building 47A/47B
  16. Building 52A/52B
  17. Building 53A/53B
  1. Paynter Building
  2. Administration/Medical Center
  3. Tilton Building
  4. Pavilion
  5. Garage (Bldg. 345)
  6. Garage (Bldg. 146)
  7. Warehouse/Garage
  8. Maintenance Shop
  9. Supply Warehouse
  10. Carpenter Shop
  11. Resident Quarters (Building 122)
  12. Building 23
  13. Building 22
  14. Old Guard House
  15. DPS Building
  16. DNREC Building
  17. DNREC Warehouse
  1. Sewer Pumping Plant
  2. Old Home Economics Building
  3. Building 92A/92B
  4. Building 91A/91B
  5. Building 90A/90B
  6. DNREC Building
  7. DNREC Building
  8. DNREC Building
  9. DNREC Building
  10. Private Facility
  11. DNREC Building
  12. Private Facility
  13. Private Facility
  14. Private Facility
  15. Private Facility
  16. Chapel
  • DHSS = Delaware Health and Social Services
  • OMB = Office of Management and Budget
  • DNREC = Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
  • DPS = Department of Public Safety

Please note: The numbers on the map above correspond to this map only. Where possible, the numbers to the original Governor Bacon Health Center buildings are indicated within the building names and information pages.

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