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Site Map

Site Map

Welcome to the DHSS website Site Map. If you are unfamiliar with this concept, its sole purpose is to provide an index, like in a book, listing the contents of the DHSS website. The following two site maps list the contents of the DHSS website with links to the corresponding information. However, each site map is organized differently.

  • Site Map by Division
    This site map lists all of the contents of the DHSS website by division, alphabetically. Therefore, if you know that a certain division provides information or a service that you are looking for, you would use this site map and look for that division name alphabetically. You would then select it or any pertinent sublistings. There are some exceptions to this rule for information that is pertinent to all of DHSS. You will find those listings under "DHSS"
  • Site Map by Subject- This site map lists all of the contents of the DHSS website by topic or name, alphabetically. Therefore, if you do not know which division provides which services, you can use this site map and look at the alphabetical listing for what you are trying to find. If the information is provided by a specific division, you will also see its acronym in parenthesis following the listing.

*Please note- There are some links within the DHSS website to other state departments and agencies, these are not listed in the DHSS site maps. However, some of those departments or agencies also have their own website site maps and you may be able to find further information there.