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DDDS Information Systems

DDDS Information Systems - Delaware Health and Social Services - DDDS Information Systems

DDDS utilizes multiple information systems to implement it's needs and objectives. Click on a system below to learn more:

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Therap is the client data management system (CDMS) currently in use by the service community. DDDS works with Therap to offer a person-centered solution to support service delivery, informed team communication, data initiatives and more.

The CDMS Project is an initiative to make 6 enhancements to the Therap system. These include a Public Application Form, MCI Interface, Oversight Billing, DHIN Interface, Provider/Contract Management, and a Incident Management Interface.

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If you have any questions, please contact the project team at

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Wellsky is the system in use by DDDS and the Provider community for Incident Resolution and Service Integrity Management. It documents all reportable incidents, site surveys, and quality improvement plans (QIP), in addition to managing their unique work flows from start to finish. Access is limited to the availability of user licenses that either DDDS or the Provider Agency has purchased.