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Division of Developmental Disabilities Services

  • Community-based services including family supports, Shared Living, respite, neighborhood homes, supported living, pre-vocational, vocational and supported employment as well as day habilitation services;
  • Case management, nursing, psychology, therapy and other professional supports to ensure that individuals receive the quality and level of supports needed;
  • Early intervention services as part of the DHSS Child Developmental Watch program which works with families in order to prevent or minimize developmental delays in children at risk who are ages 0-3;
  • Stockley Center which is an intermediate care facility providing residential services and day services;
  • Community education and advocacy;
  • Individual Rate-Setting Program   Designed to allow individuals to have a portable rate, which empowers them to choose their respective providers from throughout the state. Allows providers to receive fair and equitable reimbursement that is consistent among state providers.
  • Authorized Provider System is used to simplify and expedite the process by which agencies and individuals become certified and selected to provide day and residential services for people with Developmental Disabilities;
  • Training and Professional Development  provides training and resources to State Employees, Agency Staff, Shared Living Providers, and the families of people with Developmental Disabilities.

DDDS services can help in the development of work skill's, self care skills, community living skills, leisure/social skills, and academic/communication skills. Services are arranged according to each person's needs and are available to help the family continue caring for them at home.