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5 - 2 - 1 - Almost None Adds Up To Healthier Life

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5 — Try to eat at least 5 vegetables and fruits every day.


veggie iconTry to eat vegetables at least three times a day, and eat at least two fruits a day. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, including green leafy vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are high in healthy nutrients and low in calories, providing a steady source of energy throughout your day. Eat fresh and local when you can, but frozen or canned vegetables are also good.


2 — Cut down on television watching and other screen time.


television iconWork toward a goal of no more than 2 hours a day of television watching. This is especially important for children and youth. Avoid snacking and try to be as active as possible while watching television. When you're done watching a show or event you really want to watch, turn off the TV and be more active. Do house or yard work, work on hobbies, go for a walk or bike ride, work out at a gym, garden, spend quality time with family, or engage in any other activity you enjoy.


1 — Try to get at least 1 hour a day of physical activity.


bikes iconCurrent guidelines for physical activity recommend that all children and youth get at least an hour day of physical activity, at least five days a week. This is a good goal for adults as well, especially if you are overweight.  If you haven't been active, start with 10 or 20 minutes of activity a day, and gradually increase your activity until you reach your goal.


Almost None — Avoid all sugar-sweetened beverages.


drink iconSugar-sweetened beverages, such as sodas, sweet tea and fruit-flavored drinks, are high in calories and sugar and contain almost no nutrients. Just four sugar-sweetened drinks per day could be half of your recommended calorie intake. Eliminating these drinks can reduce calories and help you maintain or lose weight. People with diabetes or pre-diabetes should completely eliminate sugar-sweetened drinks.  Try to substitute more water, flavored water, or unsweetened juices.


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