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1901 North Du Pont Highway
New Castle, DE 19720

DHSS Holloway Campus

Established: Mid to late 1880s
Hours: Business Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Client Service Hours (i.e. DPC Hours): 24 Hour Facility
Visiting Hours (i.e. DPC Visiting Hours): Please call the facility for current visiting hours
Purpose: The Delaware Health and Social Services(DHSS) campus is located at 1901 North Du Pont Highway, New Castle, Delaware. This campus, encompassing more than 100 acres, functions as the administrative headquarters for the Office of the Secretary and many of the Department's Divisions. In addition, the campus also serves as the home of the Delaware Psychiatric Center(DPC), the only State-operated psychiatric facility for the care and treatment of mentally ill adults.

Main Building Annex Old Gatehouse/TelephoneBuilding T Building Triplex No Further Information on Powerhouse Charles H. Debnam Building RE/RW Building Campus Garden Café Lewis Building Hospitality House Terry Children's Psychiatric Center New Castle Community Mental HealthFacility (Fernhook) Biggs Building Biggs Gym Carvel Building SpringerBuilding SpringerBuilding Pool Kent Building Sussex Building Mitchell Building Water Tower Carpenter Shop Maintenance Shop & Garage Boiler House Greenhouse Storage Greenhouse Hidden Treasures Kitchen Chapel Clothing Wilmington Laundry No Further Information on Residences Del Manor Warehouse Old Rec Hall No Further Information on Residences No Further Information No Further Information DPC's Graveyard Exercise Area Picnic Grove Recycle Center DHSS Campus Map

Directory listing:

  1. Main Building
  2. Annex
  3. Old Gatehouse/Telephone Building
  4. T Building
  5. Triplex
  6. Power House
  7. Charles H. Debnam Building
  8. RE/RW Building
  9. Campus Garden Café
  10. Lewis Building
  11. Hospitality House
  12. Terry Children's Psychiatric Center
  13. Fernhook
  1. Biggs Building
  2. Biggs Gym
  3. Carvel Building
  4. Springer Building
    1. Library
  5. Pool
  6. Kent Building
  7. Sussex Building
  8. Mitchell Building
  9. Water Tower
  10. Carpenter Shop
  11. Maintenance Shop & Garage
  12. Boiler House
  13. Greenhouse Storage
  14. Greenhouse
  15. Hidden Treasures
  16. Kitchen
  17. Chapel
  1. Clothing
  2. Wilmington Building
  3. Laundry
  4. Residences
  5. Del Manor
  6. Warehouse
  7. Old Rec Hall
  8. Residences
  9. Electric Distribution
  10. Fire Pumphouse
  11. DPC's Graveyard
  12. Picnic Grove
  13. Recycle Center
  1. North Loop
  2. Northwest Street
  3. Southwest Street
  4. South Loop