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Fiscal Management (FM)

General Description of Functions/Services

  • Accounts Payable
    Process financial documents for DHSS in accordance with all laws, regulations, etc. Advise, train and assist accounting personnel in the Divisions on fiscal issues.
  • Grants
    Handle financial reporting for Federal Grant Award processing; provide estimated expenditures; handle Federal budget for the Medicaid program and Food Stamps.
  • Cash Management
    Process divisional requests to establish or modify Federal Grants in the accounting process; process Federal Fund requests on an as needed basis to maintain proper cash flow as applicable to state and federal regulations.
  • Cost Allocation
    Maintain DHSS and Division of Social Services cost allocation plans, which identify and allocate agency costs based on time spent on specific Federal Programs, in order that each grant can be charged accordingly.
  • Payroll
    Maintain Payroll records and update employee funding as appropriate for payment of employees.
  • Controller's Office
    Process and track financial documents; liaison with the Budget Office and Division of Accounting for fiscal issues; oversee the investment of Patient Trust funds.
  • General Services
    Provide general service support for the Office of the Secretary and Division of Management Services' employees; the Department's Records Manager for Archives.
  • Payments
    Provide support for the Division of Social Services assistance programs. This includes processing of payments to Day Care providers, processing Public Assistance and Disregard payments, and reissuance of Food Stamp benefits.

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