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Applicant Services

Applicant Services - Delaware Health and Social Services - Applicant Services

Welcome to the DDDS Eligibility page! The applications below should be used to apply for services from the Division of Developmental Disabilities Services. These applications are not for Pathways to Employment or any other supports that DHSS offers.

DDDS has two options available, in English and Spanish, for completion of the application.

1. An online application that will be electronically submitted to the Applicant Services office.

  1. Instructions (English | Spanish)
  2. Online Application (English | Spanish)

2. A paper application that can be printed, completed, and sent via email, fax or brought to a DDDS office location.

  1. Instructions (English | Spanish)
  2. Paper Application (English | Spanish)

If you have any questions, we are here to help. Contact us at: 302-744-9700 or 866-552-5758 Option 2.

Applicant Services
1052 S. Governor's Avenue, Suite 101
Dover, DE 19904

Applicant Services Staff Directory

DDDS Eligibility Criteria: English | Spanish

List of Standardized Assessments to Determine Eligibility: English | Spanish

If you or a loved one need to apply for Medicaid, click here.

1. A letter is sent that acknowledges receipt of the application within 7 days. It will include documentation needed to complete the application;

2. DDDS staff will ensure the application includes the information needed for a complete application for an appropriate decision on eligibility;

3. An eligibility determination will be made within 30 days of a complete application. A letter will be sent notifying you of the determination and next steps.

Based on the information you provided through the application process, DDDS will refer you to the appropriate case manager to help meet your needs. There are three types of case managers:

1. Community Navigators, provided through the Columbus Organization;

2. DDDS Support Coordinators;

3. DDDS Family Resource Coordinator.

Once your case has been referred to the appropriate manager, you should expect to be contacted within 30 days. The case manager works to support the applicant by assessing the needs of the individual receiving services and to help identify resources to support the individual's goals and the family as a whole.

It is important to know that an application to DDDS is not an application for waiver services. Waiver services are accessed by applying for the HCBS Lifespan Waiver, a process you and your case manager will pursue together.

If you disagree with the eligibility determination, you have a right to appeal the decision. You will receive written information on the options to appeal the decision with the eligibility determination. If you require additional information, you may contact the Appeal Committee Chairperson at (302) 744-9628.