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Reproductive Health Brochures

Health Care Professionals, Health Educators, School Based Health Centers, Community Based Organizations and Faith Based Organizations or any interested party can request a variety of brochures to inform the public of reproductive health services offered by the Division of Public Health.

The following brochures are available:

  • "Family Planning Handbook:  Family Planning Contraceptive Options" 
    Description of available contraceptive options including how they are used, effectiveness, benefits and possible concerns.
    Available in English  and en Español 
  • "Emergency Contraceptives"
    Description of emergency contraception, how it is used and a list of Public Health clinics that provide it.
    Available in English and en Español
  • "Adult Life Plan"
    Having a Life Plan helps you make important choices in your life. A Reproductive Life Plan is a set of goals you can make about having or not having children. You may change your mind over time - that’s Okay.
  • "Teen Life Plan"
    Now’s the time to start deciding what you want for your life, and that’s where the Life Plan comes in. It’ll help you take better care of yourself and set goals.

Call us to obtain supplies of these brochures.

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