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DCSS Fatherhood Program






Is unemployed or underemployed ?

Has a suspended driver's license?


Struggles to meet child support payments? Recently was released from incarceration?



WE CAN HELP! The Delaware Fatherhood Program is designed to assist parents find jobs, gain employment skills, sustain employment, and achieve economic stability.

 Participation in the program can help to establish or rebuild healthy relationships and make a positive impact on the lives of children.



Benefits of participating in the Delaware Fatherhood Program:

Job Search and Placement

Education and Trade Certifications

Continuous Coaching and Mentoring

Possible Reinstatement of Driver's License (case by case basis)

Possible Enforcement Action Delays

Case Review and Possible Modification


All services are FREE and include:

Employment Services

Skills Training

Financial Education

Peer Mentorship

Child Support Case Management Assistance





If you would like more information or would like to participate in the

Delaware Fatherhood Program, please contact:

Division of Child Support Services (302) 577-7171


This program is brought to you by the Division of Child Support Services, in partnership with: Department of Labor,Division of Social Services, and DSS Employment and Training Providers.