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Health Care Workforce Stabilization

Facing shortages of health care workers across the state, federal funding has gone to hospitals, long-term care facilities and DHSS' 24/7 facilities to help stabilize the direct-care workforce.

Health Care Workforce Stabilization

Hospitals, Long-Term Care and State-Operated Facilities

  • More than $75 million in financial support announced in October 2021.
  • For Delaware hospitals, long-term care facilities, and State of Delaware-operated 24/7 facilities.
  • Funding used to recruit, retain and stabilize those health care workforces.
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DHSS' 24/7 Facilities

  • In response to a shortage of health care workers, $6.7 million in financial supported announced in March 2022.
  • For RNs, LPNs, CNAs and other direct-care staff at DHSS' 24/7 facilities.
  • DHSS providing quarterly retention payments.
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