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Consumer Reporting

DCSS has the authority to report missed or late payments to various consumer reporting agencies, if the NCP owes $1,000 or more in past due child support payments as ordered by Family Court.

DCSS will send notices to NCPs who meet the criteria for consumer reporting, informing the NCP that they are not in compliance with their court orders and are subject to consumer reporting submission.

NCPs receiving a notice will have the opportunity to take action to avoid being reported. Within 20 days of receiving a notice of consumer reporting, an NCP may pay arrears in full or request an administrative hearing in writing. Those NCPs who do not pay their past due child support or do not request an administrative hearing will have their payment status submitted to the various consumer reporting agencies.

After submission by DCSS to the consumer reporting agencies, an NCP may have difficulty securing a home mortgage, auto loan and other personal lines of credit.