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DHSS eSTAR Job Aids Employee Manager Auditor
Clocking Non-Clocking
1 Home Screen Navigation and Customizing your Home Screen X X X
2 Requesting Time Off X X
3 Canceling Time Off Requests X X
4 Generating Reports X X
5 My Timesheet X X
6 Non-Clocking-Casual Seasonal Hours Worked X X X
7 Non-Clocking-How to Enter Time Off Without Pay/Docking X X X
8 Preapproving Overtime and Comp Time in eSTAR X X X
9 Non-Clocking-How to enter Overtime and Comp Time Worked X X X
10 How to Enter Comp Time as the Auditor X
11 How to Start the FMLA Process and Update FMLA Questions X X
12 Managing Your Approved FMLA Case and Using the ACT Dashboard X X
13 Time Off Request with Intermittent FMLA X X
14 Clocking - How to Use the Time Clock X
15 Approving/Rejecting/Cancelling Time Off Requests X
16 Timesheet-Editing Employee Time and Using Pay Codes X X
17 Exception Handling X X
18 Approving - Unapproving Timesheets X
19 Amending Timesheets X X
20 Delegation and Removal X X
21 Assigning/Updating/Removing Employees Permanent Schedules X X
22 DHSS Schedules Chart X X
23 Critical Reports X X
24 Leave Adjustments X
25 How to Check End of Year Leave Balances X X X X
26 Holiday during an Alternative Work Schedule (AWS) or Flex Schedule X X X
32 Timesheet-Editing adding Non-Reoccurring Premiums X X X

Job Aid Changes Tracking Chart

All Employee and Manager functions are completed through DE SSO:

All Auditor functions are completed through the State of Delaware Portal: