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DHSS eSTAR Time and Leave Keeping Policy08/13/2018
New ACT Case Management Web Page05/22/2018
eSTAR Manage Delegation & Revoke Delegations Search Functionality Updated05/22/2018
Severe Weather01/08/2018
Important Reminders!12/21/2017
Holidays and eSTAR for Non 24/7 DHSS employees, managers, and auditors. 11/06/2017
Upcoming Holiday - 9/4/17 08/29/2017
Required Annual Review- DHSS eSTAR Time and Leave Keeping Policy 08/2/2017
Important eSTAR Upgrade Information Saturday, July 15, 2017 eSTAR Unavailable 7 am - 7 pm 07/14/2017
This Communication is Designed Primarily for Managers that Approve Timesheets as Well as Auditors06/23/2017
Holiday during an Alternative Work Schedule04/03/2017
Holiday during an Alternative Work or Flex Schedule11/09/2016
Request for Annual Leave Carryover Exception10/27/2016
eSTAR News and Reminders09/20/2016
A message from DHSS Human Resources and Payroll08/12/2016
These Instructions Have Been Updated From Previous Memorial Day Holiday Hospitals Will Continue to Follow Scheduling/Pay Procedures 07/01/2016
State policy regarding State Holiday for non-FLSA covered employees with Alternate Work Schedules when the Holiday falls on a day when the employee is schedule off! 06/06/2016
Timesheet Approval Schedule Tuesday May 31! 05/26/2016
We are about to close out our second pay period under eSTAR 05/26/2016
Check your timesheet! 05/26/2016
Monday, May 30, 2016 will be the first Holiday processed in eSTAR! 05/24/2016
Exceptions Reminder New DHSS Policies and Procedures Guide 04/28/2016
eSTAR - Contacts 04/18/2016
eSTAR - Goes Live Sunday April 17, 2016 04/15/2016
eSTAR - FMLA Questions and Answers 04/14/2016
eSTAR Less than Two Weeks to Go Live - April 17, 2016 - Building New Habits 04/07/2016
eSTAR Leave Audits 03/28/2016
eSTAR Goes Live April 17, 2016 03/24/2016
eSTAR Related Emails - Please Ignore 03/17/2016
eSTAR--5 Weeks to Go Live - Are you ready? 03/16/2016
DHSS eSTAR Go Live - April 17, 2016 02/12/2016
eSTAR Time & Attendance System Update 10/21/2015
DHSS eSTAR Go Live Change-1/10/16 7/22/2015
Changes Effective July 1,2015 - State Compensatory Time Policy 6/22/2015
New Castle Time and Attendance System Coming in 4th Qtr 2015 1/30/2015