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Enhanced Prenatal and Postpartum Care

The program provides enhanced prenatal care and interconception care for women. Services are targeted to women who:

  • had a preterm birth, low birthweight baby, an infant death, stillbirth or fetal death,
  • are African American/black women,
  • are Medicaid eligible, medically underinsured, or uninsured,
  • have chronic diseases including hypertension and diabetes,
  • have psychosocial risk factors, or
  • are in need of increased social supports.

Services provided under this program include:

  • Routine prenatal care with referral system for high risk pregnancies
  • Following pregnancy for up to two years postpartum, access to preconception care for women which includes but is not limited to:
    • reproductive health services,
    • psychosocial needs,
    • nutrition counseling,
    • contraceptive education and counseling,
    • pregnancy diagnosis and counseling,
    • access to a broad range of contraceptive methods,
    • testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases (STD) including gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis,
    • testing and treatment referral for human immunodeficiency virus or acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS),
    • Level 1 infertility counseling
    • Genetics information, education and referral
  • Screening for alcohol, drug, and tobacco use and referral to smoking cessation and drug treatment programs
  • Nursing services to provide enhanced patient education and anticipatory guidance on site and at the patients’ home
  • Trained community support services personnel to provide street level outreach, reinforce patient education, assist patients with social service needs
  • Social work services to address family psychosocial needs
  • Nutrition services including basic nutrition counseling, breastfeeding promotion and support, folic acid education and specialized counseling for patients with chronic diseases or pregnancy induced complications which may result in poor birth outcomes
  • Oral health education and referral

For more information contact:


Location Telephone Number
Christiana Care Women’s Health Group, Wilmington Hospital,
(302) 428-4414
Brandywine Women’s Health Associates,
(302) 658-3331
St. Francis Hospital - Tiny Steps Program,
(302) 575-8040
St. Francis Hospital - Center of Hope,
(302) 369-9370
Westside Family Healthcare,
4th Street, Wilmington
(302) 224-6800
Westside Family Healthcare,
16th Street, Wilmington
(302) 224-6800
Westside Family Healthcare,
(302) 224-6800
Westside Family Healthcare,
(302) 224-6800
Westside Family Healthcare,
(302) 378-4489
Westside Family Healthcare,
(302) 678-4622
Women’s Health Group, Christiana Hospital,
(302) 733-6510
Wilmington Hospital,
(302) 428-4414
La Red Health Center,
(302) 855-1233
La Red Health Center,
(302) 628-7752


For more information contact the Infant Mortality Program