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Updated Burden of Diabetes in Delaware Report Reviews Data Through 2012

The Diabetes and Heart Disease Prevention and Control Program has published an update to its Burden of Diabetes in Delaware report. The update provides recent data about the prevalence of diabetes in Delaware, its risk factors, disparities, costs, and mortality.

Cover of the Diabetes Burdenupdate report

About 9.6 percent of Delaware adults have been diagnosed with diabetes, according to Behavioral Risk Factor Survey data used in the report.  That means that nearly 68,000 Delawareans over the age of 18 currently have diabetes.

"Obesity is an especially strong risk factor for the development of type 2 diabetes.  In 2012, 39.1 percent of Delaware adults 18 and older reported being overweight, and an additional 26.9 percent had Body Mass Index (BMI) scores considered "obese."

The costs of diabetes are very high. The American Diabetes Association estimates the total cost burden of diabetes in Delaware at $860 million.

Download a PDF file of the 20-page update.

A copy of the 36-page 2009 report can be downloaded here as a PDF file.

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