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Emergency Medical Diabetes Fund
Provides Assistance For Uninsured

The Delaware Emergency Medical Diabetes Fund provides diabetes services, medications, and supplies to residents of Delaware on an emergency need basis. It provides payment for items directly related to diabetes that will eliminate or alleviate the medical condition.

The program is administered by the Division of State Service Centers. For more information about the service, contact the Delaware Diabetes Prevention and Control Program.


  • Individual has diabetes.
  • Medical need is present that could result in serious impairment to health, prolonged hospitalization, complications, or death.
  • Individual is without resources immediately accessible to meet his/her health needs.
  • Individual must not have other insurance that will provide for diabetes services, medications and/or supplies requested.

Requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, using established Delaware State Service Center financial screening and eligibility criteria.


The patient is referred to Emergency Services at the Division of State Service Centers (DSSC). Before going to DSSC, the patient must contact the place that provides his or her medications, services, or supplies to determine if they accept State reimbursement and request a cost estimate. Then the patient needs to tell DSSC Emergency Services that he or she is applying for funds from the Emergency Medical Diabetes Fund. At DSSC, the patient provides required information to determine if need exists and if he or she meets qualifications. After approval, the patient receives needed medication, services, or supplies.


The maximum total benefit is $500 per client, per year. Eligible clients may receive up to the maximum benefit within a period of 12 consecutive months, in accordance with established Medical Fund Guidelines. The allowance may be used for any combination of diabetes medications, services, or supplies.

State Service Center Locations

For the State Service Center most convenient for you, see the centers list on the Division of State Service Centers website.