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Cancer Consortium Issues New Plan: Turning Action Into Results 2007-2011

Coverof the Consortium's New Four-Year Plan, Turning Action Into Results

A new strategic plan from the Delaware Cancer Consortium will guide efforts to reduce the impact of cancer in Delaware through 2011.

The new plan builds on the successes from the Consortium's first four years. William W. Bowser, Esq., Consortium Chairperson, writes "We've built a strong foundation that lets us do things we couldn't have done four years ago. We're going to continue to prioritize and target specific objectives—making sure all we do is achievable and measurable. We want to build consensus around the most important issues so that we can attack and change what must be changed."

"We realize it may be a few years before the cancer numbers reflect what we've done here. But the behaviors we've changed are making a difference now. Thousands of colon polyps have been removed that would have become cancer. There are kids who haven't picked up a cigarette—reducing their chances that they will become lung cancer victims. I'm confident that there will be many more successes to come."

The new plan presents recommendations in areas such as early detection and prevention, tobacco and other risk factors, the environment, quality of life, health insurance, communications and public education, workplace health, reduction of disparities, and data collection and analysis.

The full plan is available below as a PDF file and as a text file:

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