Current Suspected Overdose Deaths in Delaware for 2021: Get Help Now!

EFFECTIVE AUG. 16: At all state offices/facilities, employees and visitors will be required to wear face masks indoors logo

Delaware Oral Health Coalition

Mission and Vision Statements


The mission of the Delaware Oral Health Coalition is to provide leadership and advocacy so that the people of Delaware can access affordable, quality oral health care. Emphasis is placed on prevention and early diagnosis as they contribute to total health and well being. The mission will be achieved through:

  • A committed group of individuals and organizations seeking to improve oral health in Delaware.
  • Innovative action and results that can be operationally and financially sustained.
  • Partnerships that influence or legislate change.
  • Collaborative opportunities for service delivery, health promotion, and research.


The Delaware Oral Health Coalition envisions: Delaware, the First State, to ensure optimal oral health for everyone!

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