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State Systems Development Initiative (SSDI)

The purpose of State Systems Development Initiative (SSDI) is to improve maternal and child health (MCH) outcomes by increasing capacity to collect, analyze, and use reliable data for state Title V policy and program development. SSDI funds support expansion of data linkages of key MCH datasets for analysis; improved access to and analysis of health equity data; and translation of data into action at the state level. The SSDI program assures foundational MCH data capacity support for the Title V MCH Block Grant program.  

SSDI provides the flexibility to shift focus, including addressing MCH data capacity needs during an emergency and as emerging issues or threats arise, such as COVID-19.  Data are central to reporting on the Title V MCH Block Grant assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation efforts, in the Title V MCH Block Grant Application/Annual Report. 

The goals of the SSDI program are: 1) Strengthen capacity to collect, analyze, and use reliable data for the Title V MCH Block Grant to assure data-driven programming; 2) Strengthen access to, and linkage of, key MCH datasets to inform MCH Block Grant programming and policy development, and assure and strengthen information exchange and data interoperability; 3) Enhance the development, integration, and tracking of health equity and social determinants of health (SDoH) metrics to inform Title V programming; 4) Develop and enhance capacity for timely MCH data collection, analysis, reporting, and visualization to inform rapid state program and policy action related to emergencies and emerging issues/threats, such as COVID-19.


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