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What dangers are present?

Children may be especially vulnerable to health effects of cleaning products in the home. Both through direct contact like accidental ingestion and indrect exposure through playing on a newly cleaned surface. Parents should take extra time to ensure that the cleaning products used in the home do not include ingredients that pose a particularly high risk to their children. And also ensure that the products are used and stored correctly.

Every 30 seconds a child in the United States is poisoned.
What you can do...
  • Be a diligent label reader. Know what is in the products you use in the home.
  • When using any cleaning product, be sure to read and follow all of the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations.
  • Store cleaning products out of the reach of children. Remember, containers may be child-resistant, but nothing is child-proof.
  • Never store cleaning products in container resembling food or beverage containers.
  • Educate yourself through the links on this page to help minimize the risk in your home.

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