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Medical Marijuana Program Updates

Below are the new changes that House Bill 285 has created to the Medical Marijuana Program.  Due to numerous software modifications needed, the below changes will be implemented on July 1, 2024.

• HB285 removed the requirement that a patient has a debilitating medical condition to qualify for a registry identification card.  This allows health care providers to decide if the patient has a diagnosed medical condition for which they would receive therapeutic or palliative benefit from the use of marijuana.
• HB285 also removes the CBD rich and compassionate use programs, which previously allowed for the use of marijuana for the treatment of conditions that otherwise did not qualify a patient for a medical marijuana card. 
• HB285 allows patients aged 65 and older to self- certify their qualification for a medical marijuana identification card without written certification from a health care provider.
• HB285 authorizes the medical marijuana program to issue registry identification cards with 1,2-, or 3-year expiration dates.  
• HB285 requires the issuance of a registry identification card with an indefinite expiration date where the patient has a terminal illness.
• HB285 allows individuals with out-of-state medical marijuana identification cards to make purchases in Delaware dispensaries.  
If you have any questions, please contact the Medical Marijuana staff at 302-744-4749, option #5.



Health Care Practioner Patient Certifications

There has been a change to the type of Health Care Practitioner that can certify patients for the Medical Marijuana Program.  Advanced Practice Registered Nurses and Physician Assistants are now authorized to certify patients for the Medical Marijuana Program.


Effective July 1, 2019


The Delaware Medical Marijuana Program will add a mobile ID card which you will be able to access from any mobile phone. The MMP will continue to issue hard ID cards for the card holders who do not wish to use their phone.

You must be registered in the Medical Marijuana System before you can access your mobile ID card. Please go to and click on “NEW PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS” to complete your registration. You will need a valid email to successfully register. Once you complete the registration you will receive a confirmation email.

First Step is to log into from your phone.

After logging into the system you will be directed to the “OWN APPLICATIONS” screen.

In the upper right corner of the screen you will see an icon with three lines, click on this icon. After clicking on the three line icon you will see four more icons to include your name. The icons are the mobile ID, Limit Meter, Notifications and logout. Click on the first icon which looks like an ID card. Your Mobile ID will appear on your screen.





At the last Medical Marijuana Oversight Committee meeting, committee members discussed and voted on a new application fee structure which will be implemented on 1 July 2019.


  • New and renewal patient applications $50.00
  • New and renewal caregiver applications $50.00
  • Employee $125.00
  • Low Income $25.00

The Low Income Application Charge will be determined utilizing 138% of the Federal Poverty Level. If your gross household income is at or below 138%, your application fee will be $25.00. The new Low Income Charge Request Form can be seen here. Please do not submit this form prior to July 1, 2019.

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