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Delaware Health Alert Network #259

November 3, 2011 1:45pm

Health Advisory

Delaware’s Division of Public Health (DPH) today ordered the closure of the Mow Foot and Ankle Center at 505 Lakeview Ave. in Milford, after investigations by two state agencies revealed multiple deficiencies posing a substantial risk to the health and safety of patients and the public. The center is operated by Edwin M. Mow, DPM.

DPH and the Delaware Department of State’s Division of Professional Regulation (DPR) today jointly conducted an unannounced inspection following complaints received by DPR. Among other things, inspectors observed several deficiencies relating to safety and sanitary conditions. Upon receipt of the inspection report and following consultation with DPR, DPH determined that the facility posed a substantial risk to health and safety, and ordered the facility closed.

A survey summary report will be shared with the facility within the next 24 hours. To reopen, a plan of correction must be submitted to DPH that details the corrective actions to be implemented. DPH must approve the plan and reinspect the facility prior to re-opening.

Patients are advised to contact their primary care physician about any health concerns, follow-up appointments, suture removal or continued care. Mow Foot and Ankle Center must remain staffed to answer patient inquiries concerning medical records, medication renewals, biopsy results or for any administrative assistance.

The closure was implemented under legislation enacted this year providing DPH and DPR with the authority to investigate and inspect unsanitary or unsafe conditions in certain facilities where invasive medical procedures are performed. The new law also provides DPH with the authority to close a facility if it poses a substantial risk to the health and safety of any person. This is the second time this new authority has been exercised. In June, DPH ordered the closure of a dermatology center in Dover. The facility was re-opened approximately two weeks later, after the deficiencies were corrected.

In addition to DPH’s investigation of the facility, DPR is investigating the physician.


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