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Exposed Contact Quarantine Clearance Letter Request

Thank you for visiting the COVID clearance page. On this page, you can request a clearance letter after you have been exposed to COVID to return to work or school. You can request:

  • 7-day early clearance letter
  • 10-day clearance letter
  • Fully vaccinated clearance letter

If you are positive for COVID and need a clearance letter, please call contact tracing call center at 1-844-611-3231.

If you are fully vaccinated and need a copy of your vaccination record, please go to

Exposed Individual Information

* Denotes required fields. If requesting for a child under 18, enter child's name and date of birth, and your email and phone number.
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Home Address Information

Testing and Vaccination Information

* Reminder the last negative test date must be administered 5 days or greater after the exposure date.


   * I agree that I am symptom free since my exposure to COVID-19. See Symptoms of Coronavirus

   * I agree to receive notifications, and consent and understand that the Clearance letter will be sent via an unencrypted email.  Unencrypted email is not HIPAA compliant and that unauthorized access is possible. The individual checking this box consents to receiving unencrypted email after this notification.