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May is Supervised Visitation Awareness Month
Join the Orange Ribbon Campaign (May 17th, 2019)
Statewide Donation Drive (May 1-June 10th, 2019)
It isn't about parent's rights
It's about a child's right to be happy, healthy, safe and loved.

MAY 2019


Will you Raise Awareness for Me?
¿Me ayudaría con la campaña de concientización?
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It is globally reported that nearly half of women killed were related to Domestic Violence (DV) incidents.
48% of children world-wide and approximately 13% nationally are exposed to DV daily.
15% of children are reported as trying to prevent DV. Will you be their voice?


The orange ribbon is a symbol of supervised visitation. Supervised Visitation Centers exist to provide a safe haven for children during parental visitation. What color signifies safety better than orange? Orange is a bright color used to warn people to watch out and take notice. We want the world to see the orange ribbon and take notice of the thousands of children and families in need of this service.

The Supervised Visitation Network, an organization consisting of over 500 visitation providers worldwide, adopted the Orange Ribbon Campaign and dedicated the month of May as Supervised Visitation/Monitored exchange month in May of 2001. The purpose of the campaign is to use the symbol of the orange ribbon throughout the month of May (and each day of the year) to raise awareness about the need for and impact of Supervised Visitation.

"It's not too late to plan an Orange Ribbon Campaign!" Retrieved from 2019 Supervised Visitation Network.

For more information on the campaign nationally, please visit the Supervised Visitation Network:


As part of recognizing May as the month designated to raise awareness of supervised visitation programs in local communities, the Department of Health and Social Services' Office of Community Services will conduct a toy drive to provide new toys, books and games for use at Delaware's six Family Visitation Centers.

Through June 10, drop-off bins will be located at all State Service Centers, as well as the Charles Debnam Building and DHSS' Main Administration Building, both located on the Herman Holloway Campus in New Castle. Physical donation drop-off address locations can be found by visiting DHSS/DSSC website link:

The Delaware Department of Health & Social Services, Division of State service Centers, Office of Community Services in partnership with the Family Courts and members of the Family Visitation Steering Committee will commence with awareness outreach for Supervised Visitation Awareness (SVA) Month on May 1, 2019 by providing:

  • Family Visitation Center Program SVA Information Cards with Orange Pins
  • A Statewide Donation Drive
  • A "Call to Action", asking to show support for Supervised Visitation Awareness Month by the wearing of orange ribbons and/or an orange item on May 17, 2019.

SVA Information Cards with Orange Pins can be picked-up at all of Delaware's State Service Centers.

  • DHSS/DSSC/OCS teams and Community Members may take group pictures to display their wearing of Orange on social media platforms with any or all of the following hashtags #SafetyFirst #AllLivesMatter #Awareness #SupervisedVisitation.

New children's toys, books, and game donations are being requested to help support families serviced at the six Family Visitation Centers.

  • Donations may be dropped off at State Service Center donation drop-off bin locations and at the Administration Building of the Herman M. Holloway, Sr. Campus until June 10, 2019.
  • Drop-off location addresses and phone numbers can be found via the link below:

To raise awareness for monitored visitation programs increasing Safety, Health, and Reconciliation for Delaware families, and or for more information please call the following program providers today!


Delaware's Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS), Division of State Service Centers (DSSC) administers the Supervised Visitation Program and is a member of the Supervised Visitation Network (SVN), an organization consisting of over 500 visitation providers worldwide, dedicated to providing safe parental access for families. The Division's Office of Community Services, administers this program on a contractual basis with CHILD, Inc. (New Castle), and Turning Point at People's Place II, Inc. (Kent and Sussex). When there are concerns for a child's safety or well-being, Supervised Visitation ensures that a child is able to maintain contact with a parent in a safe environment while the issues are resolved.

For more than 20 years, Delaware's Family Visitation Program has provided a safe, structured, and nurturing environment where children can maintain or re-establish a relationship with a non-residential parent, and help keep children, adult victims and other parties in cases of intimate partner violence safe during exchanges and visitation. The Family Visitation Centers have provided a continuum of services designed to help address custody and visitation issues in families with a history of domestic violence and abuse. Visitation centers are located statewide and offer an appropriate way to provide for safe visitation and exchange, along with flexible visitation alternatives on weekends, evenings and holidays.

Family Visitation Centers are used if Family Court or the Division of Family Services has determined that use of the centers is appropriate; a family may be experiencing or has a history of intimate partner violence; or the parents have had a history of hostile or violent arguments during the pickup and return of their children. Parents may choose to use the centers voluntarily or be referred by Family Court, the Department of Health and Social Services, Attorneys, Victim Services, or Other agencies. Family Visitation Centers do not make recommendations about changes in custody or the appropriateness of changing visitation arrangements.