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Facility Operations Unit (FO)

General Description of Functions/Services

  • Security Management
    Manage both in-house and contract security personnel to maintain the highest level of security at all facilities. Survey, recommend and implement strategies to ensure all facilities are maintained at a high level of security at all times. Develop criteria and implement contracts for 3rd party security personnel where DHSS personnel are not available for this task.
  • Housekeeping Management
    Manage the Department's Housekeeping effort at all Facilities. Ensure that facilities are maintained at the highest standards of cleanliness at all times.
  • Capital Programs Management
    Plan, manage and monitor the Department's major and minor Capital Improvement Projects. Develop a Department-wide Capital Budget and submit to Budget Office. Serve as key interface (Single Point of Contact) between DHSS and Division of Facilities Management for all phases of projects, keeping DHSS clients in the loop. Develop and maintain a cost tracking and reporting system. Maintain a project tracking and reporting system to manage and report on the status of each capital project. Manage the Department's Maintenance & Restoration funds. Develop, manage and implement the Department's Facility Assessment Plan to correct deficiencies to buildings and infrastructure.
  • Administrative Management
    Provide all necessary accounting functions to support Facility Operations. Manage all leases for the Department. In conjunction with Human Resources, manage all personnel functions for those in Facility Operations.
  • Maintenance Management
    Plan, and manage all maintenance functions for DHSS facilities statewide. Ensure that DHSS resources are used effectively and efficiently to maintain facilities. Recommend and implement maintenance strategies to ensure that DHSS facilities are maintained at optimal level. Provide timely reports to DHSS management on the status of facilities.

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