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Delaware EMSC Grant

2013-2017 Grant Goals and Objectives

The goals of Delaware EMSC are to ensure continuous improvement of EMSC in Delaware, and to integrate EMSC priorities into the state EMS System.

The major objectives to be accomplished by the end of February 2014 are:

  1. 100% of Delaware prehospital provider agencies will report that they have on-line and off-line pediatric medical direction available from dispatch through patient transport.
  2. 90% of prehospital patient care units will have all the essential pediatric equipment and supplies as outlined in national guidelines.
  3. 100% of Delaware hospitals will begin to implement the best practices of their pediatric plans as part of the Pediatric Emergency Care Facility Recognition process.
  4. 100% of Delaware hospitals will maintain their current trauma designation.
  5. 100% of Delaware hospitals will have written interfacility transfer guidelines and written transfer agreements that cover pediatric patients.
  6. 100% of Delaware hospitals will participate in the Pediatric Readiness Assessment.
  7. 100% of ALS and BLS providers will meet the current standards of pediatric emergency education for license/ certification renewal.
  8. A pediatric representative will be appointed to the Delaware EMS Oversight Council.

For more information, please contact the program office.