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DSAAPD Care Transitions Team Presented with Governor's Team Excellence Award

Photo: Division of Services for Aging and Adultswith Physical Disabilities' (DSAAPD) Care Transitions Team being presented with the 2011 Governor'sTeam Excellence Award
Pictured from left: Mary Ann Connell, DSAAPD Director Bill Love, Valerie Johnson, Andrea Wozney, Patricia Justice, Marimargaret Fischer, Governor Jack Markell, DHSS Secretary Rita Landgraf, Jamila Waigwa, Antoinette Albert, and OMB Training Administrator Barbara McCleary
Not Pictured: Lisa Bond, Rose Imhof, and Carolyn Mullen.

Governor Jack Markell has presented the Division of Services for Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities' (DSSAPD) Care Transitions Team with the 2011 Governor's Team Excellence Award.

Each year, Delaware's Governor recognizes a team of employees that uses quality improvement tools, problem solving processes, team dynamics, and communication skills to improve state government. The DSSAPD Care Transitions Team (CTT) has been recognized for its success in finding home and community based service alternatives for individuals referred for admission to state-run long term care facilities.

The CTT is comprised of DSAAPD nurses, case managers, supervisory and administrative staff. The team meets weekly and, as necessary, includes staff from acute care hospitals, Delaware Psychiatric Center, and other partner organizations.

Since February 2011, the team has diverted 85% of people referred to the state long term care facilities (Governor Bacon Hospital, Emily P. Bissell Hospital, and the Delaware Hospital for the Chronically Ill) to more appropriate and desirable long term care options. This team supports Delaware’s plan to reduce the census at the facilities and empowers Delaware’s citizens to receive care in the settings that they prefer. As work in the facility admissions process decreases, facility staff are being redeployed to support community-based long term care efforts.

“This team is a great illustration of how an agency can effectively serve our most vulnerable citizens and achieve a cost savings for Delaware,” said Governor Markell. “The DSAAPD Transitions Care Team proved that collaboration can produce tangible results, and in this case, a team found ways to save money and improve the quality of life for some of our most vulnerable citizens – older Delawareans and people with disabilities.” (See Governor Markell's announcement.)

The 11-member CTT operates under the leadership of Lisa Bond, Deputy Director of DSAAPD. "I'm proud of the work that our team has done and continues to do," Ms. Bond said. "Team members have been determined and creative in finding solutions that meet the needs of the people that we serve. I think that this focused approach will go a long way toward rebalancing the long term care system in our state."

CTT staff members include Lisa Bond, Mary Ann Connell, Rose Imhof, Patricia Justice, Andrea Wozney, Jamila Waigwa, Marimargaret Fischer, Antoinette Albert, Valerie Johnson, and Carolyn Mullen.

Congratulations to all of the members of the team for this well-deserved recognition.