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Famous People Diagnosed With Tuberculosis

Name Occupation Birth-Death
King Tutankhamen* Egyptian pharaoh ca 1358-1340 B.C.
Cardinal Richelieu* French statesman 1581-1642
Jean Moliere French playwright 1622-1673
Baruch Spinoza* Dutch philosopher 1632-1677
Francois Voltaire French writer/philosopher 1694-1778
Johann Goethe German writer/scientist 1749-1832
Johann Schiller German writer/historian 1759-1805
Sir Walter Scott Scottish novelist/poet 1771-1832
Niccolo Paganini Italian violin virtuoso 1782-1840
Simon Bolivar* Venezuelan revolutionary leader 1783-1830
John Keats* English poet 1795-1821
Ralph Waldo Emerson American essayist/poet 1803-1882
Elizabeth Barrett Browning* English poet 1806-1861
Edgar Allan Poe* American writer/poet 1809-1849
Frederic Chopin* Polish composer/pianist 1810-1849
Emily Bronte* English novelist/poet 1818-1848
Fyodor Dostoyevsky Russian novelist 1821-1881
Paul Gauguin French painter 1848-1903
Robert Louis Stevenson* Scottish writer 1850-1894
Anton Chekhov* Russian writer 1860-1904
Franz Kafka Czech novelist 1883-1924
Eleanor Roosevelt* American humanitarian/first lady 1884-1962
D.H. Lawrence* English writer 1885-1930
Eugene Neill* American playwright 1888-1953
Adolf Hitler German dictator 1889-1945
George Orwell* English novelist/essayist 1903-1950
Vivien Leigh* English actress 1913-1967
Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela 1918-

*Those who died from tuberculosis

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Last Updated: Friday January 16 2009
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