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Passport Denial

DCSS has the authority, together with the Federal Department of State, to deny passports to non-custodial parents (NCPs) who owe $2,500 or more of past due child support. Federal Welfare Reform Legislation requires states to deny passports to any NCPs who do not pay their child support.

DCSS sends notices to NCP's who meet the criteria for passport denial, informing them that they are not in compliance with their court orders and are subject to passport denial. Anyone receiving a notice will have the opportunity to take action to avoid having their passport denied.

Within 30 days of receiving a notice of denial, the NCP may pay their arrears in full, or request in writing an administrative hearing. Those NCPs who do not pay their past due child support, or do not request an administrative hearing will be subject to passport denial.

When anyone applies for a passport, the Federal Department of State will match social security numbers and date-of-birth against a listing of potential NCPs subject to passport denial. If a passport is denied, the Federal Department of State notifies the NCP of such action.