Current Suspected Overdose Deaths in Delaware for 2021: Get Help Now!

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CPR Procedures
  1. Applicant files Notice of Intent, found within the CPR Application Kit.
  2. Applicant files application. When application is determined to be complete, there is notification of the beginning of the review (Public Notice, etc.).
  3. At the first meeting of the Delaware Health Resources Board after an application is determined complete, there is an overview presentation by the applicant and an opportunity for questions. At this meeting, a Review Committee is appointed.
  4. If a public hearing is requested, this is conducted by Review Committee.
  5. Review Committee meets with the applicant and deliberates as necessary to formulate a recommendation to the Board.
  6. Review Committee report is submitted to the Board. The Board makes the decision. From the date of notification referred to in step 2 above, generally the maximum review period is 90 days. There are exceptions, such as a public hearing is requested or it is mutually acceptable to the Board and the applicant.