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Customers will be able to:

  • Apply for services online.
  • Make payments online.
  • Receive select notices electronically.
  • Submit case specific questions to their caseworker.
  • Update their contact and employment information.
  • View scheduled appointments, including court hearings.
  • View and print child support payment history.

Accessing either website is a two-part process. You must register at Delaware Single Sign-On (DE-SSO) and at a DCSS Website.

FIRST, click this link to reach the DE-SSO Sign-In page. Delaware Single Sign-On (DE-SSO)

NEXT, register to access all Delaware Public Services websites.

  1. Click the "New User Registration" link.
  2. Click the "Public Services" link.
  3. Complete all required fields of information and click the "Register" button in the top right corner.
    • You must use a personal email address to register for Public Services.
    • Keep a record of your DE-SSO User ID and Password.
  4. You will receive an email message asking you to verify your logon credentials. This is a required step.

You may now subscribe to the Delaware Public Services websites! Enter your new login credentials on the DE-SSO Sign-in page and click the "Sign In" button.

FINALLY, subscribe to a DCSS Website.

  1. Click the "Request Access" blue tile box, then the "Request for Self" button.
  2. If you are a new DCSS client , select DCSS Child Support Application for Services "Add to Cart" option.
  3. If you already have a DCSS case , select the DCSS Customer Website "Add to Cart" option.
  4. All customers click "Next".
  5. Verify the Cart Items in Cart Details and select the green "Submit" button.
  6. On the Home page, you will see a tile box to the website you selected. Click your selection.
  7. On the Subscription page that follows, provide all required information and click Subscribe.
    • Keep a record of your Website User ID and Password.
  8. You will receive an email message with a link for your subscribed website.
    • Save the website address/link so that you may access it at any time without going through DE-SSO.
  9. On the Login page, enter your new login credentials and click the Login button.
  10. You are now subscribed to a DCSS Website.

    NOTE: New customers who access the DCSS Child Support Application for Services website and complete the application process may return to DE-SSO and subscribe to the DCSS Customer Website once you have been provided a DCSS Case Number for your child support case.