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Health Workforce Subcommittee


Developed under the leadership of Delaware Health Care Commission, the Health Workforce Subcommittee was established December 2020 to examine Delaware's health workforce capacity, determine policy making initiatives, and identify quality measures.

Health Professional Shortage Areas

Strategic Workforce Activities


Health Care Pipeline

Why Delaware


Committee Members

Nicholas Moriello, RHU, co-Chair
Highmark Inc.,
Blue Cross Blue Shield Delaware

Richard Geisenberger, MGA, co-Chair
Department of Finance

Geoffrey Christ, JD
Division of Professional Regulations

Katherine Collison, MS
Division of Public Health,
Health Planning and Resources

Timothy E. Gibbs, MPH, BA, NPMc
Delaware Academy of Medicine &
Delaware Public Health Association

Ayanna Harrison, MPH
Delaware Health Care Commission

Cheryl Heiks, BA, BS
Delaware Health Care Facilities

Melissa Jones, RDH
The Dental Group

Elisabeth Massa , MA
Delaware Health Care Commission

Kathleen Matt, Ph.D
University of Delaware

Maggie Norris-Bent, MPA
Westside Family Healthcare

Michael J. Quaranta
Delaware Chamber of Commerce

Gwendolyn Scott-Jones, PhD.
Delaware State University
Wayne Smith, MPA, MGA
Delaware Healthcare Association

Mark Thompson, MHSA
Medical Society of Delaware